Monday , March 30 2015
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WIPRO Aptitude Test

WIPRO Aptitude Test

Wipro Tech is the best way for you to adopt the round graduate engineers first interview and personal writing.

Round of the pattern written is completely different company other than to recruit mass. It consists in the analysis reasoning aptitude, basic math, and oral.

The intelligence, the problem of railway distance and time and basic, the basic math is difficult, and as long as the inference analysis and the oral standard, all papers will be standard.

And a 30 minute, 30 minute and 25 minute time.

You can not go back to change the options you participate. So I select the options you want and sensible thing.

Need to within 2 hours of written test, fill out all the details of application form, then, it will be announced to the people you choose, you that you have created a copy of the marks card and resume results I will confirm.

Interview of selection of Wipro, is the experience of the maximum that can be who has. I belong to a non-IT background, which is called a general topic C and they are less than me, but interviews technically consists only of section AD, very casual problem

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