Which Of These Breathtaking Latest Science Discoveries Is Your Favorite?

Scientific discoveries are almost impossible to follow. They come out with new ones all the time, and in the majority of cases they contradict each other. Still, they can take away your breath for a moment when you hear about them. Even if you have no specific interest in the subject, they’re so cool to hear about so we’ll examine a few of the latest science discoveries now. You get to decide which one is the most exciting, and it’s going to be a tough choice.

Photo source: Pinterest

Trees Fall Asleep At Night

Everyone knows a tree is a living thing, and without them we would be in a lot of trouble. What we didn’t realize is that they might fall asleep at night, because we’re now pondering if the fact they relax their branches counts as sleep. I think we can all agree they won’t dream, but we can’t speak to them so it might be a long time before we find out if this is true or not.

Did The Tyrannosaurus Rex Have Lips?

Who didn’t grow up loving everything about dinosaurs? We always thought the Tyrannosaurus rex had exposed teeth, making them a lot scarier, but now it’s thought they actually had lips. Either way, it still would have been a killing machine. It’s just weird because we’re only getting over the news there is a good chance they were covered in feathers.

Sending Satellites Into Space

Any talk about space is usually too hard to comprehend, but I’m sure you’ll find this one very interesting. To be honest, due to the popularity of drones it’s not going to be a huge shock to your system. They’re only finding out now it won’t be long until we can send our own satellites into space. Nobody owns the universe, so how could they stop you?

It’s Only Going To Get Better

We’re just babies in the grand scheme of things. You can still choose the best of the latest science discoveries, but what will you be reading about 20 years from now? What will you be reading about a thousand years from now if they suddenly discover a way to let us live forever? We only know what we read about, but nobody can predict the future.