What Jobs Will Be Replaced By Robots?

The threat of robots replacing humans in certain jobs in the coming few years is scarily real because the machines are on their way, coming, coming for your job. The World Economic Forum has pointed out that nearly five million job positions will be taken over by robots in the decade starting 2020, in an unprecedented ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that’s powered by advancements in biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Previous industrial revolutions depended on and propelled human workforce to greater heights. However, the forthcoming revolution is bound to set humans back. According to the Forum’s estimates, at least five million jobs would be lost due to disruptive transformation of the labor market with some of our proudest innovations being declared obsolete. As such, it is impossible not to get a little worried about what jobs will be replaced by robots.

About two thirds of the jobs that will be taken by machines involve office and administrative work. While it feels like the millionth estimation of how the AI apocalypse is going to snatch jobs from humans, this recent estimate is more worrisome due to its sweeping impact as well as immediacy. So, is your job at risk of being taken by machine?

Knowing what jobs will be replaced by computers may not provide sufficient cover, but it can give you a much needed direction of your career, and whether in the near future there will still be people doing the tasks you do today. For instance, bookkeepers are almost guaranteed that their services would be fully automated in the next one or two decades. In comparison, there is a negligible chance of services provided by drug abuse counselors being taken by robots. This is because jobs that require negotiations, helping people, and working in small environments such as counseling are hardly threatened by machines.