The Effects of Global Warming

Global warming has already damaged major parts of Mother Nature over the years. Its impact was too terrible to explain. It has the ability to change our environment, climate and health to a disaster. Billions of stuffs are happening every day due to the global warming emissions. We need to reduce this blow as soon as possible to save our planet from its deadly wrath. We have explained some of those effects of global warming in this piece of the article below.

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1. The rising of sea level:

If there is something as most fatal, then it has to be the rising of water level worldwide. The glaciers and ice caps melt due to extreme temperature and it makes the water level expand. The earth is created with a significant amount of water. The rising of sea level can bring thousands of disasters like tsunamis, cyclone, hurricane, tornado and floods. These disasters have the capacity of demolishing a whole civilization at one go.

2. The sudden change of weather:

Global warming has a huge effect on our weather system. Our Earth is designed with six beautiful seasons. Every season has different characteristics. But Global warming can influence the weather by making this too hot or too cold to live with. It can even make the seasons switch back and forth.

3. The effects on human health:

A human health can suffer a lot due to extreme global warming effects. The extreme heat waves, soaring temperature, dangerous UV rays can cause intense allergies, cancer, asthma troubles and other risky illnesses. Animals and birds are also getting extremely affected owing to such climatic changes. It is always a better idea to prevent global warming to save millions of lives.

4. The other infamous effects of severe global warming:

There are many places in the world which are suffering from the drought for a really long time. They are using ground water to save their life. In this way, the level of ground water is also decreasing. Global warming is also changing the productivity of agricultural fields. Pollution is one of the most troublesome effects of global warming.

But we should always remember the fact that we are the prime reason why global warming has reached such extent.