Successful Launch of NASA Inflatable Room

If you follow the Latest International Space Station (ISS) news, then you will have probably heard of the successful installation of an inflatable space station room. He room is aimed at making it easy for astronauts to access more space while in space. The space will allow the astronauts carry out different experiment once they are out on space missions.

Photo source: Pinterest

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module was stated to be installed in 2015, but there were delays due to different reasons. The project was started in 2014 but now it has been fully implemented with great success.

The successful installation of the inflatable room is the latest achievement in NASA considering there was a failed attempt to have the inflatable room in 26 May. In the first attempt the room failed to inflate fully as the astronauts had planned. The inflatable module was successfully deployed and pressurized on the space station as was planned by the astronauts.

Over the following weeks, the astronauts will be tasked with carrying out several checks to ensure the structural integrity of the room is intact. After the safety checks are complete, one of NASAs astronauts, by the name Jeff Williams will enter the inflatable room. The room is 4 meters long and 3.2 meters in diameter. Jeff Williams is stated to be the first astronaut to enter the inflatable room while it is in space.

The BEAM was designed to be more compact when in a rocket into space. After it is launched into space, it will provide more room for the astronauts to work on. The astronauts will have to inflate the room while in space so that they will have more space where they will carry out their experiments. The room will play a great role in protecting astronauts against solar radiation and space debris. This will even make the working environment for astronauts while in space better.