8 Reasons Why Life Was Better Before Smartphones

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Oh goody, the new iPhone 7’s got a camera upgrade, new colorway, and is even waterproof. Hurray, life is complete now!
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We Were’t Lab Rats

During the 1890’s, Russian behavioral psychologist, Ivan Pavlov demonstrated how we could get a dog to salivate, just by ringing a bell. The bell initially signified the coming of food, but eventually in the absence of food, the dog would still drool profusely. This experiment is forever referred to as “Pavlov’s Dog”. Well just like his poor dog, we’ve start drooling at the sound of a ding, or a buzz in our pockets every time our phones go off. Of course it’s not the alert, but the potential message it signifies. Then, once we see that it’s a spam email, or a text from mom, we go back to our miserable existence of always looking down at our phones, waiting for the next reward – just like lab rats, just like Pavlov’s dog.
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We Engaged More

If life wanted us to live it through a screen, we would have been born with monitors for eyes. While the latest smartphones have ultra sharp HD displays that take videos at 4K – real life is actually a lot HD’er. Here’s a fun sociological experiment sure to yield some very depressing results; the next time you’re on a busy street in a city centre, just stand there and see how long it takes before someone bumps into you because they were too busy looking at their phone (playing Pokemon Go, no less).
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We Had Conversations

Despite what the masses think, communication isn’t a tweet, a status update, and especially, an Instagram selfie. No, real communication happens live and in person because over 90% is body language and voice inflection. That’s what we actually pick up on – not the content from the words coming out of our mouths. Think about that the next time you feel oddly alone in the midst of a WhatsApp group convo.
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We’d Argue For Hours

Huh? What? Arguing is supposed to be a good thing? Well, yes. That’s how you resolve issues – unlike today where you just block, unfriend, and ghost people. No wonder everyone’s so angry these days, they’re walking around with a whole host of unresolved issues. In addition, back in the day, an old fashioned argument required someone to actually use their brain and think deeply on the issue – rather than just Googling it.
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We Worked Less

Oh the irony. They invented these devices to make our lives more efficient – simpler – all in the hopes of allowing us to work less. Well look around, does it look like we’re working less? Nooooo. In fact, thanks to technology – and very much impart to these smartphones – we’re all unlocking our phones 80 times a day (on average), to check an email, work text message, and social media site like LinkedIn. We’re not working less, we’re working way more. Heck, we even used to take holidays. Now we just end up working on those too.
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We Could Read Maps

I know what you’re thinking … “so frick’n what?!” Sure, who needs to read a map when Google Maps does all the work for you? But just so you know, once upon a time, people used to take a wrong turn, only to discover they found something absolutely right. That’s what life’s about – the unknown. Technology has taken the explorer out of us, and I’m not sure we’re quite better for it.
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We Didn’t Record Everything

Festivals, gigs, sporting events, car accidents, ourselves – there isn’t a thing we won’t turn our cameras on and press record for. And of course, not so we can watch it again, but all because we hope it gets a ton of “likes” or goes viral. Some life huh? We no longer take in the events of our lives with not just our eyes, but all our senses – but instead – focus on focusing our phones while life passes right by our recordings.
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Communication Used To Be Free

Uh, ya. Can you believe it? Once upon a time, we didn’t have to pay to text or talk. We didn’t have to worry about going over our day time minutes or data usage. We just turned our heads and Bam! – talked to the person next to us all for free. Doesn’t this sad truth depress you? No? It’s because you’re listening to music or have opened up another tab on your phone’s browser you zombie! Whatever. Like you even read that.
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