3 Latest Cancer Treatments

When a cell in the human body enlarges abnormally and starts to affect the other parts, then doctors term this as cancer. Cancer is tagged as one of the most dangerous diseases of this century. It already takes millions of lives over the years and people are now really afraid of this illness. Doctors and scientists are working tirelessly to discover any medication to cure the cancer cell growth. Loads of latest treatments are getting invented and tested lately. Three of those latest cancer treatments are as follows.

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1. The self-destructing cancer cells:

A brand new chemotherapy medicine has come to the market and it contains the power to attack the cell structure (cancer) directly. It forces the cancer cells to be destroyed in their own. This research is done in the New South Wales University, Australia. The chemotherapy medicine is named as TR100. The working procedures of this treatment are really safe as it only hits the cancer proteins. Other healthy cells remain safe during the chemo session. This method is recently applied on the mice and scientists were successful in that test.

2. The molecule therapy:

This treatment is also a new invention and is called the molecularly targeted therapy by the doctors. The curing process concludes of medicines, formed in the molecular stage of the cancer tumor to especially hit and destroy only the affected cells of an exact nature of melanoma. The drug is named as STI571 and it works perfectly in eliminating rare kind of leukemia cells from the human body. This treatment process is undoubtedly the most revolutionary one in this list.

3. The “nine out of ten” treatment:

This was recently in the news when one group of scientists claimed that a molecule called VAR2CSA can kill nine out of ten cancer cells in one go. But doctors are still unsure about this as the research is still going on. The scientists have predicted that VAR2CSA would be able to destroy 95% of cancer cells, but they are yet to use it on humans. It will be surely called as the miracle drug if all these claims proved to be true in the future.