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If This Man Was President, American Would Be Great Again

Did you know a neurobiologist is the world’s most important job? How so? Because it’s...

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This Is The Only Human In The World That Can Survive A Car Crash

So here’s an odd question … ever wonder what you’d look like if you had evolved to...

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8 Reasons Why Life Was Better Before Smartphones

Oh goody, the new iPhone 7’s got a camera upgrade, new colorway, and is even waterproof. Hurray, life is complete now!

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Scientific Proof You’re Like A Mindless Robot

Do you feel like you’re in control of your life? That every decision you make is yours and yours alone? That at any moment you can re-direct the course of your life...

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How Do Humans And Nature Affect Each Other?

Man likes to think he rules the world. Often it’s pitted as man vs. nature, as if we humans are the ones who have to conquer and change Mother Nature to our liking,...

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What Causes a Tornado? Fact and Figures

Going by statistics, tornadoes are considered to be among the worst and most violent types of storms in the entire realm of nature. And it is thus not surprising that an...

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Top 5 Tips For Relieving Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be a very painful and daunting problem. Migraines are primarily pulsating pain on one side of the head lasting for more than 4 hours. The pain may...

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Tips On How To Prevent Getting The Flu

Flu is the common name for influenza which is the illness of the respiratory system and muscles caused by a virus. You will realize that influenza is an air-borne...

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The World’s Most Mysterious Discoveries

The world is filled with awe, mystery and wondrous things. Sometimes so awesome and mysterious that they leave us totally perplexed. We've discovered the most puzzling...

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The Effects of Global Warming

Global warming has already damaged major parts of Mother Nature over the years. Its impact was too terrible to explain. It has the ability to change our environment,...

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Latest NASA News

Two geologically young craters have been discovered by scientists. One of the craters is 16 million years old and the other estimated to be between 75 to 420 million...

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Latest Astronomy News – UBC Astronomy Student Discovers Four New Planets

As it turns out, there are even more planets beyond the solar system than previously thought. The discovery of four new planets by Michelle Kunimoto, an astronomy...

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